Random Acts of Douchebaggery
There are some who call me Axe, and sometimes, the words, they are my bitches. My super power is cutting through the bullshit, but I'm really just a girl with a propensity for sharing too much. I've been known to blog about Doctor Who and Torchwood, but my love of sci-fi has transitioned to Orphan Black. Oh, and my current obsession with Darren Criss is getting completely out of hand, and I may or may not blog about Chris Colfer's hair and overall perfection more than I should. Also Glee. Unironically. Did I mention I host a podcast?

February 22 2013, 08:22 AM

  • Axe: See if I ever get fictional you fucked over a table again.
  • Jimmy: But but fictional me is probably a bigger slut than I am! You can't take that away from him!
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