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There are some who call me Axe, and sometimes, the words, they are my bitches. My super power is cutting through the bullshit, but I'm really just a girl with a propensity for sharing too much. I've been known to blog about Doctor Who and Torchwood, but my current obsession with Darren Criss is getting completely out of hand, and I may or may not blog about Chris Colfer's hair and overall perfection more than I should. Also Glee. Unironically. Did I mention I host a podcast?

April 24 2014, 08:44 AM

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If this were only true!


If this were only true!

April 24 2014, 07:11 AM


why do people expect so much of me i still have to use a calculator to find what 6 times 8 is

April 23 2014, 09:49 PM

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April 23 2014, 07:38 PM


fanfiction should be taken a lot more seriously as literature. True, some of it isn’t really excellent writing and some is just smut but let me tell you i have read some fics that are beautifully well done and turned my life upside down and legitimately gave me feelings for days and if that’s not real literature then what is

April 23 2014, 03:16 PM

April 23 2014, 03:10 PM

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Burn Gorman catching up with GDL and Eve Myles on twitter.

Love these convos!

April 23 2014, 01:05 PM

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guys i have something very important to share, please come over here for a second. it may change your life forever.

klaine orgy in hq.  bless you, kurtsies.

April 23 2014, 12:49 PM



April 23 2014, 11:07 AM

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She’s so snuggly this morning. #catsofinstagram #zooey

She’s so snuggly this morning. #catsofinstagram #zooey

April 23 2014, 10:54 AM


Now that this week’s episode has aired on the right side of the tracks, it’s time to join Ryan and Axe, along with special guests Sam and Brian, over on the wrong side at LimaHeightsAdjacentPodcast!

If you have any burning questions or topics that you’d like us to discuss this week, feel free to hit up our Ask—but make sure to get your questions in before noon ET tomorrow!  Don’t forget to tune in this Thursday at 8pm ET—that’s how we do it in Lima Heights!